Three Phase String Inverter (30~60kW)

Three-phase String Inverter
Three Phase String Inverter (30~60kW)​


High Efficiency:
  • 3 level topology, maximum efficiency up to 99.00%
  • 3/4 MPPTs design
Safe and Reliable:
  • Outdoor IP65 design, no derating below 3,000m altitude
  • All industrial grade electronic device, ensure 25 years full life circle running
Intelligent Management:
  • Intelligent fault wave recording, quick failure analysis I&V Intelligent diagnosis, accurate identification and positioning of abnormal PV panels
  • Intelligent online upgrade function, easy upgrade and maintain
  • Support RS485, Wifi, GPRS communication
Green Saving:
  • Grid-connected current harmonics <3%, green adapts to grid
  • Ultra wide grid voltage range, with LVRT function