Purchase Solar Panels In India​

Solar panels are the heart of your system. Improper panel selection will result in sub-optimal performance. Oakridge identifies and installs the best solar panels suitable for your rooftop. We use a detailed methodology to shortlist solar panel manufacturers to ensure that the best panels make it to your rooftop.

While picking solar panels, it is important to keep three areas in focus – 

Reliability – Oakridge selects solar panels from leading manufacturers that appear on the Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer list. These panels have gone through a detailed diligence by leading international agencies and their components are certified to work for 25 years.

Suitability – for residential rooftop solar plants, typically, domestically manufactured solar panels are used since the plants are eligible for subsidy. In our experience, domestic solar panels provide equally good plant performance compared to international solar panels.

After sales service – Since solar panels are expected to work for 25 years, it is important to keep a watch on their annual performance and degradations, if any. The panel manufacturer should offer good after-sales service and support to ensure that there is are no issues in panel repair and replacement after installation.


Oakridge has tie-ups with leading solar panel manufacturers including Vikram Solar, Adani solar, Waaree solar, Trina Solar, Canadian solar and Panasonic. We would be happy to obtain panels for you at the best possible prices for your rooftop solar installation.