Rooftop Solar Calculator For India

The mathematics of solar rooftop is very simple. Each KW of the solar rooftop is expected to produce about 1400 kWh (or 1400 units of power each year when well maintained, cleaned and radiation is well utilized. Oakridge’s customized remote monitoring solutions also ensure.

A 5 KW solar rooftop installation costs about Rs. 2,50,000 to set up. Thus each KW costs about Rs. 50,000 (after subsidy. Oakridge provides systems net of subsidy and obtains the subsidy directly from the Government). Generation of about 1400 units gives benefit to the client at the highest electricity slab in your bill, which is usually about Rs. 8 to Rs. 9 / unit. Thus, each KW gives benefit of 1400 units X 9 Rs / unit = Rs. 12,600 each year. This enables Rs. 50,000 to be recovered in about 4 years time. During this period, the electricity bill is reduced at 50% to 75%. Solar rooftop panels are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 25 years. Thus, the system (with regular maintenance) would generate free power for the next 25 years.