Rooftop Solar in

Solar power plant in Delhi needs to be approved by the distribution company (“Discoms”) BSES Rajdhani, BSES Yamuna or NDPL. Your meter would then be replaced and a “net meter” would be installed. This would enable obtainment of credit for the solar power that you generate, but do not consume (and hence is injected into the grid). BSES has taken several recent initiatives to promote rooftop solar. In the recent “solar city” event conducted by BSES, all the resident welfare associations (RWAs) in Dwarka were invited to provide their requirements. These associations have now taken up the implementation of solar rooftop on their society terraces, with the credit to be obtained in their electricity bills. Installation of such a solar plant can reduce your solar bill by up to 75% given that BSES / NDPL’s highest electricity slabs are between Rs. 8 to Rs. 9 / kWh. Oakridge has a substantial presence in New Delhi and all its Discoms, and enjoys excellent relationships with Discoms. Oakridge installs substantial solar rooftop plants in this area, and provides an end-to-end solution for the client’s requirements.