Rooftop Solar in

Under the Haryana Government’s notification dated 21st March 2016, in Faridabad, as in the rest of Haryana, solar rooftop plants are mandatory for plots above 500 square yards. Solar rooftop plants are to be mandatorily installed to a capacity upto 5% of the connected load or 40 KW (whichever is higher).
Oakridge enjoys excellent relationships with the Haryana Discom (Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam) and offers rooftop solar installations in record time-frames. Solar installations in Gurgaon can reduce the electricity bills by up to 75%, and also provide an additional floor to the customers. Under the same regulation, the solar rooftop plant will not require plan approval, thereby providing additional covered area to the client.

Solar in Faridabad