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Go Solar, Go Oakridge!

Powering Faridabad towards a clean energy future, Oakridge has a wide range of turn-key Solar Renewable Energy Solutions that deliver financial consistency and a bighelp in carbon reductions.

  • Leading in Haryana with more than 500 satisfied customers.
  • DISCOM Approved Agency to offer award-winning solutions.
  • Harness the power of technology to generate energy at your own home.
  • Hire lifetime support from experts to save more on electricity bills.
Rooftop Solar in Faridabad

Why Choose Solar in Faridabad?

Faridabad with proximity to India’s Capital Delhi, is a very populated city, ranking high on the scale on pollution. The people living in the city must use eco-friendly solutions to maintain cleanliness around them.

Talking about eco-friendly solutions, Solar comes at the first as it helps keeping the environment not just clean but breathily too.

  • Eliminate electricity bills.
  • Earn tax credits and get high rebates.
  • Highly useful in horticulture & agriculture as it creates a great impact on the timing of planting cycles and mixing of plant varieties.
  • Can be used for clothes drying.
  • Food can be also cooked, dried or pasteurized using solar power.
  • Can be used for heating the water during winters.
  • Virtually maintenance free as the batteries require no water or other regular servicesto stay lasting for years.
  • No recurring costs.
  • Solar can generate electricity even on cloudy or rainy days.90

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Looking for Best Solar Installation Agency in Faridabad?

Look no further!

Oakridge is here with customized and high-quality Solar Renewable Energy Solutions that can save you time, money, efforts, electricity, environment and much more.

We have seen the renewable energy industry development in India and are proud of our role in driving forward the uptake of renewables in Faridabad.

Since our foundation in 2014, Oakridge has proudly completed more than 500 SRT installations for residential, commercial and corporate buildings across India. From Chandigarh to Delhi, Noida to Gurgaon and Ghaziabad to Faridabad, Oakridge has earned a reputation for the trusted and authentic agency to provide high-quality installations.

We put our prime focus on providing the best quality in our installations and have won recognition for our expertise, customer service, and pioneering energy projects.

Guiding You Through the Process!

Step 1 – Design

We use industry-leading software to analyze your area and configure the system to provide accurate financial predictions.

Step 2 – Install

We ensure a hassle-free installation under experts’ assistance to ensure only the best quality is being offered.

Step 3 – Maintenance

Our services don’t end after installation. We provide monitoring and operational services for a lifetime to ensure the outstanding performance of your system.

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Solar Policy in Haryana

The State Government has made it mandated installation of solar power plant of 3-5% of connected load for –

  • All residential buildings built on an area of 500 Sq. yards and above.
  • All government & private institutes, schools, colleges, hostels, vocational or technical educational institutes, universities or offices having load of 30 KW or more,
  • All private hospitals, nursing homes, industries, hotels, motels, banquet or party halls, malls, tourism complexes and other commercial buildings having connected load of 50 Kilo Watt (KW) and above.
  • All new Housing Complexes, developed by Group Housing Societies, Builders, Housing Boards, on a plot size of 0.5 Acre and more.
  • All water lifting stations developed by Irrigation Department… Read more