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Under the Haryana Government’s notification dated 21st March 2016, in Gurgaon, as in the rest of Haryana, solar rooftop plants are mandatory for plots above 500 square yards. Solar rooftop plants are to be mandatorily installed to a capacity up to 5% of the connected load or 40 KW (whichever is higher). Oakridge enjoys excellent relationships with the Haryana Discom (Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam) and offers rooftop solar installations in record time-frames. Solar installations in Gurgaon can reduce the electricity bills by up to 75%, and also provide an additional floor to the customers. Under the same regulation, the solar rooftop plant will not require plan approval, thereby providing an additional covered area to the client.

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Smart Investment for A Better Future – Solar Power!

Go beyond from saving more on electricity bills & tax! Join a revolution to transform the world into a healthy place to live in.

  • Get Your Rooftop a Well-Researched & Quality-Driven Solar Power Plant Installed ASAP.
  • Services from India’s Leading DISCOM Approved Agency – Oakridge.
  • 100% Genuine & Trusted Solar System Recommended by 1000+ Customers.
  • Save 75% of Your Money on Electricity Bills through One-Time Investment on Solar.

A Look Towards Solar Installation in Gurgaon

The second largest district of Haryana, ‘Gurgaon’ has gone through major transformation over last 5 years.

Being home to many BPO’s, IT Companies & MNC’s headquarters, Gurgaon demands the daily generation of higher energy which obviously can’t be met alone via conventional energy resources. Considering this situation about Gurgaon, many residents, industry owners and commercial builders are looking forward to adopting Renewable Energy Sources such as Solar Power.

As per the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Haryana has got an entire solar potential of 5GWP, out of which Gurgaon has already been successful in installing the 20MW Solar Power Capacity until now.

There’s no doubt that Solar Rooftops can help people in various aspects. From saving up their money on higher electricity bills, to getting them good returns on investment while keeping the environment eco-friendly, the Solar Rooftop Plants would also benefit Gurgaon people with numerous schemes, incentives, subsidies and policies being offered by the state and the central government to encourage the rooftop solar PV installations.

More Benefits of Installing SRT Plants in Gurgaon

  • Bring down your electricity bill by 70%.
  • A risk-free investment with assured returns of 15-30% p.a.
  • Residents can get a subsidy of 30% for SRT installation with an additional subsidy of 10% by the Government.
  • With an effective Net-Metering Policy, the excess power generated by the system can be fed back to the grid, so the users can save more power as well as the money.
  • Also save up huge on Value Added Tax (VAT), Electricity Tax, Electricity Duty Charges, Wheeling Charges, Cross Subsidy Charges, Transmission and Distribution Charges through investing on Ground Mounted or Rooftop Solar Projects.
  • No need to pay additional charges for external development and infrastructure development.
  • 100% exemption from the stamp duty charges for rent or lease registration for the land used for Solar installation.
  • Get a rebate of 25 paisa per unit on electricity bill by feeding the power back to the grid.

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Why Choose Oakridge As Your Solar Installation Partner?

Since our formation in (session), we have become India’s leading Solar Power Distribution Agency in 2020 with its offices across pan India.

As Solar would cause a huge investment initially, choosing an authentic and trusted agency can turn your investment into profits.

  • We offer highest quality Solar Panels with promising lifetime customer services at a very affordable pricing.
  • Our systems are driven with the capability of Virtual Reality, Data Analytics & Image Processing.
  • We offer customized solutions for Solar Energy generation based on your land sizing.
  • We have a wide range of financing options like EMI’s and loans to ease out your payment hassles.
  • You can get real-time updates of your system and can control each appliance in your house through smart monitoring.

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How It Works?

The process of Solar Installation is accomplished within 3 easy steps –

#1. Assessment

Our solar experts and technicians visit your home to assess your rooftop area through shadow profiling and multiple 3D layouts to analyze the overall requirement of electricity generation, according to which they further customize the Solar Power system for you.

#2. Delivery

We assure you the highest quality solar panels and inverters through which you can have higher adoption & outputs per KW of Solar.

#3. Diagnostics

By putting your faith and money into our hands, you can be relieved from all your electricity bills hassles. Additionally, we provide remote monitoring services to keep you updated of your energy generation and consumption details.

Solar Policy in Haryana

The State Government has made it mandated installation of solar power plant of 3-5% of connected load for –

  • All residential buildings built on an area of 500 Sq. yards and above.
  • All government & private institutes, schools, colleges, hostels, vocational or technical educational institutes, universities or offices having load of 30 KW or more,
  • All private hospitals, nursing homes, industries, hotels, motels, banquet or party halls, malls, tourism complexes and other commercial buildings having connected load of 50 Kilo Watt (KW) and above.
  • All new Housing Complexes, developed by Group Housing Societies, Builders, Housing Boards, on a plot size of 0.5 Acre and more.
  • All water lifting stations developed by Irrigation Department… Read more