Eligible consumerAll Eligible Consumers of electricity in the area of supply of the distribution licensee having or proposing to install a roof top solar energy system may opt for grid connectivity subject to the net metering arrangement pursuant to these Regulations.
Mode of ProjectCAPEX/RESCO
Min /Max1KWp/1Mwp
Loadgreater than equal to 100 %
Types of MeteringNet Metering/Gross Metering
Mandatory InstlattionNA
Energy SettlementAny net energy credits, which remain unadjusted, will be paid by the DISCOM to the consumer as per the rates fixed by DERC.
Billing MechanismAnnual(( 1 April to 31st March))
Central SubsidyResidential sector (maximum up to 3 kW capacity ):40 % of benchmark cost (above 3 kW capacity and up to 10 kW capacity)*:40 % up to 3 KW Plus 20% for RTS system above 3 kW and up to 10 kW.e.
Financial Incentives for Industrial and commercial.40 % Accelerated Depreciation .
State SubsidyGeneration Based Incentive (GBI) of Rs 2.00 per unit on solar generation for domestic sector only. Disbursement cycle will be April-September Half and October- March
Benchmark cost from State