Nodal AgencyRRECL
DiscomsJaipur Discom/Ajmer Discom/Jodhpur Discom
Eligible consumerAll Eligible Consumers of electricity in the area of supply of the distribution licensee having or proposing to install a roof top solar energy system may opt for grid connectivity subject to the net metering arrangement pursuant to these Regulations.
Mode of ProjectCAPEX/RESCO
Min /Max1Kwp-1MWp
Loadis = <80 % of the sanctioned load.
Types of MeteringNet Metering
Mandatory InstlattionNot Mandatory
Energy SettlementAny unadjusted electricity credits shall be paid as per the rates notified by RERC from time to timefor Solar Photo Voltaic generation in next billing period provided that such export is above 50 units.
Net energy credits less than 50 units under Net Metering achieved in the particular billing period shall be adjusted in the next billing period till credit of 50 units is achieved
Other ChargesFixed Charges/Geovernment levy
Billing MechanismAnnual (April to March)
Central SubsidyResidential sector (maximum up to 3 kW capacity ):40 % of benchmark cost (above 3 kW capacity and up to 10 kW capacity)*:40 % up to 3 KW Plus 20% for RTS system above 3 kW and up to 10 kW.e.
Financial Incentives for Industrial and commercial.40 % Accelerated Depreciation
State SubsidyNA
Benchmark cost from State1-10KW: 43 ,000 /- 10-50 Kw: 35 ,000/- 50 Kw & Above: 32,000/-