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Solar Rooftop Chandigarh

Overview of Solar Rooftop Installation in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is fast emerging as a leading solar city. In recent years, over 1500 houses have installed and commissioned their solar rooftop plants, with over 5000 houses in various stages of installation.

Presently, the government offers attractive capital subsidy of upto 40% to install solar rooftop systems. Due to this, more and more people in Chandigarh are supporting this initiative and going solar. The key benefits of solar rooftop plants is a reduction of upto 80% of electricity bills, and contribution to a clean and green environment.

What Are the Benefits of a solar rooftop installation?

If you’re still struggling in deciding whether you should go for the solar rooftop Installation in Chandigarh or not, remember that you are paying a higher amount on electricity bills every month.

If you truly want to pay nothing for electricity bills your whole life, if you want to support the environment-friendly power generation, then go for Solar without thinking much!

  • It helps Chandigarh source its own energy (solar) and reduces dependence on the neighbors.
  • It reduces and completely eliminates the monthly electricity bill.
  • This one-time investment brings great ROI until lifetime – over 30% return on investment.
  • Get guaranteed performance within low maintenance requirements.
  • Have total control of power generation in your own hands.
  • Contribute to keep the environment clean and breathe-worthy.

Have you made up your mind to install Solar Power Plant of your rooftop? Or you’re still confused?

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Graphical Representation of Solar Energy Generation in Chandigarh

Let’s have a look at how Solar Energy is generated for residential and commercial properties in Chandigarh.

(for reference)

Graphical Representation of Solar Energy Generation in Chandigarh

Try Oakridge for Cost-Effective Rooftop Solar Installation Services in Chandigarh

Oakridge is the leading solar company in Chandigarh approved by the CREST. With easy access to the enormous benefits of getting Solar Services from Oakridge, you can get your own Solar PV Plant installed at your rooftop in just 5 easy steps –

Step 1–Site survey to analyze the required system size

The Solar Experts and Technicians at Oakridge will visit your house to assess the roof for the feasibility check. From analyzing your electricity power intake patterns to finalizing the system dimensions required for your roof, they will examine your rooftop to its depth.

They will also find a way to keep your roof aesthetically appealing and usable even after occupying enough space for Solar system installation.

Step 2 – Acquiring necessary approvals from the Government

After your agreement is signed with us, we would start the further process of Government approvals including application registration, document verification, feasibility inspection and obtaining the approval for net metering.

Step 3–Solar Power System Installation

Once the authorization is received, we will install the Solar PV System on your rooftop with assured guaranteed and performance warranty.

Step 4 - Solar System Handover

After installing the system on your rooftop, we receive the connection agreement from government and hand it over to you along with the manual and certificates.

Step 5–Easy Maintenance Through Online Remote Monitoring

Our services don’t end here! As our system is enabled with an online remote monitoring feature, we can always track your power generation process and offer easy and quick maintenance whenever required.

Experience the most hassle-free installation of a Solar PV System with Oakridge. To get instant assistance, call us on +91-7303657804 now.

Highlights of Solar Policy in Chandigarh

There are 3 applicable Solar Policies in Chandigarh –

1. Net Metering

  • According to this policy, the cumulative capacity of all solar systems installed in your area should not go beyond 40% of distribution transformer capacity which is 50 KWp to 1 MWp.
  • There are two kinds of ownership options available for Net Metering – Self-ownership (CAPEX model) and Third-party ownership (RESCO model).
  • The billing mechanism is held annually, and the payment of any unadjusted electricity credits will be paid as per the standard rates by CSERC.

2. Subsidy Applicability
(As per SECI Guidelines)

3. Loan Availability
The individuals under Priority Sector Lending can apply for a loan of upto Rs. 10 Lacs.

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