Why Go

Save Money

Life of a solar PV plant is 25 years whereas the payback period is under 4 years. After that you pay minimal charges to distribution companies.

Fixed Return

Unlike other financial investment options which depend upon the macro market, your solar savings will only increase year on year. A penny saved is penny earned!

Go Green

A 10 KW rooftop solar plant will help in reducing your carbon footprint, which is equivalent to planting 300 trees a year!

Space Utilization

Effective utilization of terrace space and prevents excessive heating of top floor during summer.

Rooftop Solar in Faridabad
Solar Panels

Solar is the largest, most abundant and inexhaustible source of energy in the world. It is often described that the amount of solar energy incident on one state i.e. Rajasthan, is adequate to provide enough energy to power our entire country. Solar power is clean, renewable, and can greatly reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

For you, the government of India offers the subsidy of over 30% on your solar installation. This can enable you to recover your investment within 3 years, reduce your electricity bills by up to 75% and provide you with free power for up to 25 years.

Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy throughout the day and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. Most homes and businesses run on alternating current (AC) electricity, so the DC electricity is then passed through an inverter to convert it to usable AC electricity. It is then supplied to your house for use.

In a rooftop solar system, the solar panels can be set up on the roof of any residential, commercial, institutional or industrial building. This can be of two types:

  • Grid-connected rooftop solar system.
  • Rooftop solar system with storage facility using a battery.

You need about 500 square feet of shadow-free rooftop solar to install your own solar plant of a minimum of 5 KW produces 6500 units of power each year, and reduces electricity bill by Rs. 58,500 per annum, and providing a speedy payback period of just about 3 years.

The broad thumb-rule for rooftop solar is that you can install 1 KW of a solar power plant with available space of 100 square feet.