Your society’s first steps towards going solar

Does your residential society in Delhi / Dwarka / Gurgaon / Ghaziabad want to go solar? Are you wondering what the first steps should be? Find out more by reading along.

The first step is for you to find out how much capacity you should be installing. To answer this question, you need to first look at your monthly BSES electricity bill and answer two important questions –

  • what is your annual electricity consumption
  • whether you are metered under the “single point tariff” mechanism where the entire society gets only one bill, or whether you are looking to solarize your common area consumption or common area meter.

An example calculation of how much capacity you should install is available here –

How to estimate your solar rooftop requirement

There are two commercial models of installing solar rooftop systems-

  • CAPEX mode – where the customer makes the investment (with 20% capital subsidy) and sets up the project at their own cost.
  • RESCO mode – where the developer takes the roof on a long-term lease basis, and develops the plant at their own investment.

Both models have pros and cons. Would you like to know which one is best suited for you? Know more here

Comparison between CAPEX and RESCO model

Would you like to install a solar rooftop plant in your residential society? Contact us to know more or read our detailed presentation on the various models and the right choice for you here